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Teams that Innovate offers Unmatched Quality

Teams that Innovate aims to improve the quality of life for those involved with all aspects of software development. We’re going to step back from the problem of software architecture for a moment and focus on the key elements of what makes a company stand out from the rest. To realize this, we engage our clients through dialogue and education to help illuminate new paths to better solutions. We do this by providing top-notch consulting and training services to our clients and their software development teams.

Teams that Innovate bases our mentoring and consultation on proven practices backed by industry leading research. Through our combined years of industry and academic experience, our consulting services aim to put ourselves out of business by uplifting our clients to a point where they no longer need us.
Our training utilizes hands-on teaching methods to provide the best possible course for your specific needs. Our practitioners develop courses to complement real world scenarios. The customization of our courses ensures that your team is taught the core principles necessary for their company projects and the overall direction of your company’s development.

Teams that Innovate provides many different services that cover all different aspects of the software development process. We specialize in everything that deals with software development, including analysis and design, architecture, agile methods, building frameworks, refactoring, testing, and eXtreme programming. We offer on-site and public consulting, mentoring, training, and programming.