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We offer on-site training courses for software developers, analysts, and team leaders. Individuals can review our public course schedule for upcoming classes.
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Learn the important principle of Agile Testing. Signup for during our open-enrollment for our Test Driven Development and Refactoring course.
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We offer consulting, training and mentoring in Agile, Adaptive Object Model, .NET, C#, Design Patterns, Testing, and Refactoring methods and principles.
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Take your Software Team to the Next Level

Teams that Innovate works with clients to develop custom training courses for all your software development needs. We have highly skilled, leaders in the Agile, Design Patterns, and Refactoring methodologies working alongside your company to ensure you bring the best strategy to any problem set.

Transform your developer teams. Our strategy begins by listening to your current problems, learning about team skills, and developing strategies to help your team innovate and create better code. We customize our strategy to each of our clients needs, so you know you’re getting the very best solutions to often complex problems.

Core IT Skills and Training

As leaders in our field, we mentor, train, and develop the skills needed to make an agile and responsive team. Companies that train their skilled workers in areas such as core computer competency, networking, and software tools needed to maintain their internal codebase, bring their teams into the fold and increase the overall quality of work provided by those skilled employees.

Teams that Innovate can work with companies to provide IT training and support to a team or individual. The goal would be to mentor and train for the specific needs of the company and to leave the student with the skills needed to flourish in an ever-changing technology world.

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