Teams That Innovate

Teams that Innovate works with clients to develop custom training courses for all your software development needs. We have highly skilled, leaders in the Agile, Design Patterns, and Refactoring methodologies working alongside your company to ensure you bring the best strategy to any problem set.

Transform your developer teams. Our strategy begins by listening to your current problems, learning about team skills, and developing strategies to help your team innovate and create better code. We customize our strategy to each of our clients needs, so you know you’re getting the very best solutions to often complex problems.

Our Purpose

Teams That Innovate helps organizations to reach sustainable results through innovation and operational excellence making software development simpler, more agile, and more predictable. Teams That Innovate does this by providing top-notch consulting, coaching, and training services to our clients and their software development teams.



  • Agile Coaching
  • Architecture Design & Review
  • Workshops, Talks, and Keynotes
  • Framework Development
  • Mentoring and Consulting
  • Large Scale Migration
  • Refactoring Systems
  • Software Development
  • System Analysis & Design

Custom Training

  • Dealing with Legacy Code
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • O-O Design and Patterns
  • Refactoring and Clean Code
  • Being Agile at Quality
  • Building Adaptable Systems
  • Agile Architecture
  • Testing System Qualities
  • Lean Practices (reducing waste)