It is becoming very important for organizations to become more lean and to understand how and why Agile works (the agile mindset). Agile is not just a set of practices for the team to follow. While Scrum is a very popular Agile method today, it is not always the best Agile method to use. This course introduces important Lean and Agile principles and will overview core methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

Managers will learn important Lean principles and Agile practices to deliver the best value to the organization. We will describe a model of a lean organization, and teach the basis of how to manage and organize business and technology teams in an agile environment.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction of Lean and Agile principles
  • Teach the basis of Agile management
  • Learn how to evolve traditional teams to the Agile practices
  • Gain an understanding of whole team
  • How to create visibility throughout teams
  • Creating and managing the roadmap
  • Understanding Agile estimation techniques