The combined experience of the group spans many years of programming dating back to the early 90's. The principals of Refactory have worked extensively with object-oriented programming including working with Smalltalk, Java, C#/.NET, and C++. We are recognized as experts in the object-oriented programming field. We have specialized in the development of frameworks, refactoring, using light-weight programming methodologies (agile methods), testing (pragmatic TDD), Cloud computing/Web services, and building adaptable systems.

The Refactory can assist by providing a team of developers to write your system, or provide necessary tools to your development team, including training, mentoring, and consultation to the ideal solution to your software needs.  We have the skills, experience, and ambition to make your project successful.

"We enthusiastically recommend the Refactory as a technically sound, innovative and reliable source for contract development work."
            -Don Moonshine, Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services.