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Teams that Innovate works with clients to develop custom training courses for all your software development needs. We have highly skilled, leaders in the Agile, Design Patterns, and Refactoring methodologies working alongside your company to ensure you bring the best strategy to any problem set.

Transform your developer teams. Our strategy begins by listening to your current problems, learning about team skills, and developing strategies to help your team innovate and create better code. We customize our strategy to each of our clients needs, so you know you’re getting the very best solutions to often complex problems.

Joseph Yoder – Principal

Joe @ QConJoe Yoder is a founder and principal of Teams that Innovate and The Refactory, Inc., he runs a consulting and mentoring business.

Joseph is an agilist, computer scientist, object oriented technologist, international speaker, pattern author, and longstanding member of The Hillside Group. He currently serves as the President of the Hillside Board, a group dedicated to improving the quality of software development. He is co-author of the Big Ball of Mud pattern, which illuminates many fallacies in the approach to software architecture. Joseph has chaired the Pattern Languages of Programming Conference (PLoP), helped organize SugarLoaf PLoPAsian PLoP, ChiliPLoP, and PLoPs for many years, as well as given keynotes and presented tutorials and talks at conferences such as OOPSLA, Agile PT, SATURN, CBSoft, and ECOOP. He has also contributed with tracks at QCon San Francisco, assisted with Asian PLoP to organize their first few conferences, organized a web 2.0 workshop at the TOOLS conference in Europe, and presented papers and tutorials at various conferences around the world.

Joe has worked on various projects during his career that ranges from stand-alone to client-server applications, web applications, web services, cloud computing, service oriented architecture, multi-tiered, various databases, object-oriented, frameworks, human-computer interaction, collaborative environments, and domain-specific visual-languages. In addition these projects have spanned many domains, including Medical Information Systems, Financial Systems, Ordering, Import, Invoicing, Print, Shipping, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Medical Examination, Statistical Analysis, Scenario Planning, Client-Server Relational Database System for keeping track of shared specifications in a multi-user environment, Telecommunications Billing System, and Business & Medical Decision Making.

Joe teaches Agile Methods, Design Patterns, Object Design, Refactoring, and Testing in industrial settings and mentors many developers on these concepts. Other projects involve working in both the Java and .NET environments deploying Domain-Specific Languages for clients. Joe thinks software is still too hard to change. He wants do something about this and believes that using good patterns and putting the ability to change software into the hands of the people with the knowledge to change it seems to be one promising avenue toward solving this problem. Joe currently resides in Urbana, Illinois.

Sandro M. Manteiga

Sandro ManteigaSandro M. Manteiga, M. Sc., PMI-ACP,  is a founder of Teams that Innovate.  He holds an engineering degree on automation and systems (USP) and a master degree on Financial Math Modeling (USP). He is also an specialist on Business Management (FGV-SP).

Sandro has an extensive experience as teacher of financial modeling disciplines (project valuation, derivatives, risk management, fixed income and portfolio optimization) for graduates at  INSPER and Instituto BM&FBOVESPA, where is also the Risk Management MBA coordinator. He is co-author of the article Apreçamento de Contratos de Volatilidade a Termo no Mercado Brasileiro. For many years, he has been a speaker on events linked to Finance and Technology.

Sandro also has an experience of almost 20 years managing complex projects and developing technology solutions that demand high performance computing and advanced financial math modeling. The areas covered include: risk management, wealth management, pricing and result.  He has worked or provided services for top companies in Brazil, USA, Germany and Mexico that includes: EDS (currently HP), Deutsche Bank, Banco do Brasil, BTG Pactual, Barclays, Merrill-Lynch and Itaú-Unibanco.
Sandro researchs valuation and project management techniques to improve the success rate of IT projects. He adopts agile and lean approaches for software development. He also believes that agile teams, with high skilled professionals, operating in a good working environment, can deliver high value solutions. Currently, resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil.