The Agilist Strikes Back!!!

I'm excited to be headed back for my "annual" summer trip to Portugal. I'll once again be arriving in the city of Porto, where I'll be taking in the sights while I await the beginning of the Agile & Scrum Portugal 2013 Convention. This is the first year that these two conferences will join efforts to help promote the best for software development in Portugal.

I will visit Ademar Aguiar for a couple of days in Porto before we travel by train to Lisbon where the conference will be held for the first time. This is my second visit to Lisbon, and I'm excited to see more of what the city has to offer. During my first visit, Ademar and I had one intensive day to see the highlights of the city. This time I will be there for a few days, so I can be more relaxed while catching the sights. I'm also looking forward to reconnecting with my fellow Hillsider Linda Rising. During the conference on Friday afternoon, I'll be presenting a keynote entitled, "Taming Big Balls of Mud with Diligence, Agile Practices, and Hard Work." I will also be hosting a workshop Saturday on the subject, "Agile Quality Scenarios: How to Be Nimble and Precise."

After the conference, Ademar and I will be headed back to Porto for the Festa de São João do Porto. One of the world's biggest parties, this festival is something I look forward to whenever I have the opportunity to attend (which I have been able to attend for the last 5 years). If you'll be at the convention or the festival, get a hold of me!

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