I am the architect of a set of frameworks in use at Caterpillar called TheUniversal Frameworks (TUF). These frameworks form the underpinnings of nearly every Java-based web application currently under development at Caterpillar. We currently have approximately 250 VisualAge for Java licenses at Caterpillar and most of these licensees are leveraging TUF for their application development. I mention these details only to lend credence to my forthcoming comments regarding Joseph Yoder Enterprises.

I have worked closely with Joe on numerous occasions over the last five years on a variety of projects utilizing Smalltalk and Java languages, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Analysis, and Design processes, and framework design and implementation. It is my opinion that Joe and his colleagues at The Refactory Inc. possess superior academic knowledge coupled with the ability to disseminate that knowledge to our programmer/analysts at Caterpillar. Joe has worked with me on several teams at Caterpillar to perform all phases of the application development process from concept through development. The output of these efforts has always been technically excellent. Joe has performed tasks such as analyzing functional requirements, conceptual and detailed design, development and review of existing OO systems and frameworks. Joe has also provided Caterpillar with training on numerous occasions on topics including OO design patterns and frameworks.

Besides Joe's technical skills, I believe his interpersonal skills are equally good. Joe's professionalism, attention to detail and quality of work product are excellent. Especially important is Joe's ability to convey technical information in an understandable manner. The ability to effectively transfer technical knowledge is a highly prized skill for a consultant and I believe Joe does very well at this. Joe is equal parts technician and mentor, and that is a highly potent combination.

Please feel free to contact me either via phone or e-mail if you wish to discuss my experiences with Joe Yoder Enterprises and The Refactory Inc. in further detail.

Daniel Long Sr. 

Technology Specialist

Caterpillar Inc.